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Patient Name: Kendall

Age: 14

Attends Seabrook Middle School
Treated in our Newburyport Office

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What are your current interests or hobbies?

Field hockey, softball.

Tell us why you chose to come to Pavlo Orthodontics.

Jodi, the Princess, Stansbury.

How did you feel about your smile before you got braces?

My smile was not as good as it could have been.

Tell us how it felt once you got your braces off.

I had an amazing smile.

What did your friends/family say when they saw your new smile?

That I had a pretty smile and what an improvement it was.

How do you feel about your new smile?

I appreciate the time and energy it took to have a great smile.

Do you have any advice for new patients considering getting braces?

Do everything Dr. Pavlo tells you to do.

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Kendall’s Treatment Details:

Kendall was in treatment for a total of 21 months. She came to our office with crowding and a deep over-bite. She was treated with regular braces.

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