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Patient Name: Molly

Age: 14
Attends St. Mary, Beverly

treated in our Peabody Office

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What are your current interests or hobbies?


Tell us why you chose to come to Pavlo Orthodontics.

Referral from a dentist.

How did you feel about your smile before you got braces?

Not confident.

Tell us how it felt once you got your braces off.


What did your friends/family say when they saw your new smile?

They said I was pretty.

How do you feel about your new smile?

I love my new smile.

Do you have any advice for new patients considering getting braces?

Don’t be scared or nervous, it will pay off.

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Molly’s Treatment Details:

Molly was in treatment for a total of 23 months. She came to our office with crowding, an over-bite, crossbite and impacted teeth. She was treated with regular braces.

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