If you are a parent, you have probably already looked at your child’s smile and wondered if they will need orthodontic treatment one day. Braces are extremely common, and can not only create a straighter smile that can boost your child’s self-esteem, but they can create a healthier smile, too.

What Should Parents Know About Children’s Orthodontics?

Children should visit the orthodontist for the first time around the age of seven. This age is an ideal time because the child will have started to lose baby teeth, making way for permanent teeth. The orthodontist can start to get an idea of how the adult smile is taking shape, check the development of the jaw, and determine if there are any areas for concern.

If your children are over the age of seven and have not yet visited an orthodontist, that does not mean their window for treatment is gone. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, but treatment may become more involved with age. Younger children have the benefit of a jaw that is still growing, making it much easier to create a harmonious smile. Dr. Pavlo can guide the jaw into its ideal position, thereby preventing more serious issues from arising later. However, treatment can be successful at any age.

Some patients may benefit from early interventive treatment. This treatment will be divided into two phases. The first phase involves guiding the growth of the jaw to allow for the most ideal environment for the permanent teeth to erupt. Dr. Pavlo can guide the growth of the jaw, expand the palate, or whatever else will ensure proper space for the permanent teeth to erupt.

The second phase of this treatment is the straightening phase. Using braces or clear aligners, the teeth will be gently guided to their ideal locations. Two-phase treatment often makes the straightening phase of treatment more efficient and effective.

We know the adolescent years can be difficult, and wearing a mouth full of metal probably is not most teen’s idea of a good time. Luckily for today’s youth, there are more orthodontic treatment options than ever before. While metal braces are still one of the most common treatments, they are far from the only one available.

  • Metal braces are sleeker and more effective than ever before. They offer highly-reliable results and are often the most cost-effective option.
  • Clear braces work the same as metal braces. However the brackets are made of clear or tooth-colored material, helping them to blend in better.
  • Invisalign Teen is the almost invisible way to straighten your smile using a series of removable aligners that fit comfortably over the teeth.

Dr. Pavlo will discuss all treatment options available and discuss which one he believes be the best for your child.

Your child’s time in treatment will depend on a number of factors. More severe cases will generally take longer to correct. However, patients who have undergone early interceptive treatment often enjoy shorter treatment times during the straightening phase of treatment than patients who do not use two-phase treatment. One factor we cannot take into account when planning for treatment is how your child’s mouth will respond to the treatment. That, combined with your child’s compliance, plays a large role in treatment time, as well. The average patient will spend anywhere from 12-36 months in treatment.

Orthodontic treatment should be considered an investment in the health of your child’s smile. Orthodontic treatment can help improve your child’s oral health by creating an environment that is easier to keep clean, thereby helping to prevent decay and gum disease.

If you are concerned about the cost of orthodontic treatment, the good news is there are many ways to help make treatment more affordable. Dental insurance can help defray the cost significantly. A financial coordinator can ensure you receive all of the benefits that your insurance allows.

At Pavlo Orthodontics, we believe no one should ever have to choose between their family’s budget or their children’s smiles. We offer convenient payment plans that can fit into any budget, as well as financing options with low to zero interest. Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile and our financial coordinators will ensure that is within your grasp.

Orthodontic treatment is important because prepares your child up for a lifetime of good oral health. Crooked and crowded teeth are harder to keep clean. Even the most diligent brusher and flosser can find it hard to reach in between these tight spaces. This difficulty can lead to decay, cavities, and gum disease. And for those with misaligned bites, it can be difficult to chew and speak properly, as well as lead to chipping and breaking of the teeth.